In the late 1990s, Starla Flake bought her daughter, Melanie, a beautiful wedding dress at Brickhouse Bridal of Conroe, Texas. By the time Melanie’s big day arrived, Starla had also bought the store. Starla made some changes and had the bridal shop “shined, spit and polished” but kept the name as it was unique and had a great reputation within the north Houston area. Starla knew that customers did not want to cross the river in to Conroe, so she decided to cross it for them and Brickhouse Bridal settled in The Woodlands, Texas in 2001. Melanie joined the BHB team soon after the relocation and has helped bring it to the level that it is at today.
Brickhouse Bridal is all about confidence and the experience brides have when purchasing their dream wedding gown and Starla conveys this by giving brides a comfortable, beautiful and elegant shop to do this.

Thank you to Vows
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