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You see them a lot, but what does a Trunk Show actually entail?

Of a particular designer, bridal shops carry a selection of gowns from each season.  During a Trunk Show the designer provides us with the rest of the gowns for that season in order that we have everything that you see online or we receive gowns in from their next season, which is usually what you can't even find online yet!   It's pretty cool to be able to see the newest gowns before anyone else, and brides may be the very first bride in the world to try on and purchase a gown!  

Often times a Representative or Designer from the company will attend for the weekend to lend their personality and expertise to helping brides find their wedding gown.  Trunk Shows always come with a special discount that is extended only through the specific dates of the Trunk Show, which are typically Friday and Saturday.  It's called a Trunk Show because the gowns used to be shipped inside big trunks.  The gowns almost always have to get shipped out to another store on the following Monday. 


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