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You Found the Dress, Now What? Day of Prep

March 30

You’ve got the dress, all of the details, plans and Pinterest projects have been finalized, friends and family are gathering, the day has arrived! One thing that you shouldn’t go without and will make the day go as smoothly as possible? A day of prep or emergency kit! By this point, everything has been prepared and planned for and nine times out of ten, everything will go off without a hitch. However, there is a slight chance a few last minute and very solvable hiccups may arise, and an emergency kit can solve a lot them! Most of the ones that you find online include everything you need, from a beauty emergency to first aid items. All of those items are great and absolutely should be included in your kit, but today, we’re going to focus on the items you need for the ensemble everyone is waiting to see-your dress!

Stain Remover Items
An expert tip? Ask your bridal consultant or seamstress about the fabric of your gown to ensure you get the best mix of stain fighters. Don’t be surprised if you hear things along the “home solution” line, such as Ivory soap, to specialized cleaners you will find at fabric stores. They may also suggest something in between those options such as baby wipes to the handy Tide stain remover pen. The way a stain responds to a cleaner is all about the fabric it has decided to live upon. 

Sewing Kit
For that list minute snafu or lost button, a miniature or travel sewing kit can be a lifesaver!

Krazy Glue
This is perfect for those heavily beaded gowns that may lose a rhinestone or two at just the right time or if a heel gives you a convenient problem wink 

Stick on Hemming Tape & Safety Pins
Again, your dress will be made perfect for you by your seamstress, but if something should happen the day of, these are surefire winners to include in your kit, just in case your bridal party doesn’t include someone with an interest in sewing.

Crochet Hook
For all of our brides that fell in love with the gown with buttons from top to bottom, a crochet hook will save you time and a gorgeous manicure. Such a simple tool that is sure to end up being one of your favorites! 

Handheld Steamer
Those last minute wrinkles will be a thought of the past with a handy handheld steamer. If you have a standard steamer, all the better, but by this point, a handheld one should do the trick! 

These are just a few of the key items to include in your kit for that most important dress! While you will more than likely not have to use these items, it will give you peace of mind being prepared for anything. One other tip? If you have a full service or day of coordinator, check to see if they include an emergency kit with the service they are providing. Some do, and that will check one more thing off of your list! 

By the way, how perfect is this emergency kit bag from Lily & Val?!


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