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A Bridal Trend’s Return

May 4

In our little world of bridal fashion, one thing is true, and it’s what goes around comes around. One of the most interesting things that we see in bridal is that trends are cyclical; some we are so excited to see again, and others, not so much. You all know how that goes. wink
The one overarching trend that we have been so excited to welcome back is something that was first seen in the bridal world in the 70’s, and that is that there was a style for every bride. Of course, there have always been unique styles, but the 70s were the first decade where the trend was to be your own bride. Why do we love that so much? Because it's not a trend at all. There were no “rules” to abide by so whether you were a flower child that wanted to wear a bridal frock or pantsuit or a princess that adored ballgowns, there was a bridal look for you. We love seeing that the bridal world is once again embracing that mentality in that there is a look to tell each unique bride’s story, personality, and style. We believe that when you find the dress that is perfectly you, the feeling you have will show just as much as the dress, and we all know we're never more happy than when we are just ourselves.  While we may have different names today, like boho to vintage chic or sleek sophisticate to modern day princess, the idea is still the same. We celebrate each of our brides and their individual styles, and a big part of what we do is cultivating our collection to ensure that we have a variety of styles for each bride to appreciate and live their bridal dreams in. Scroll down to see some of our favorite current looks from boho chic to whimsical romance. Happy Thursday, lovelies! 

Rosegold Princess

Sophisticated Cool with highneck crepe

Modern Day Great Gatsby

Timeless Traditional

Vintage Chic (Photo: Cotton Weddings)

A modern twist on the traditional

Unforgettably Unique 


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